SEE values THE TEAM Approach

Collaborating with Clients, Architects and Multi-Disciplined Design Teams.

Chris Sutton is committed to team values as a company.   Working together across disciplines to create the most innovative and efficient designs is a part of the culture at Sutton Eldridge Engineering (SEE).

This same attitude and commitment to team carries forward to multi-disciplined teams and teams formed across different companies to support large projects.  SEE is committed to bring the spirit of innovation and communication to all clients.

We are always looking to improve, always challenging to innovate, and learning each day in everything we pursue.  At SEE, we stay updated on ever changing energy codes in the fast paced industry of today – keeping up with advancements in all disciplines.

We practice TEAM COLLABORATION – striving to create a company with the best and brightest empowered every day to innovate and share.

Everything we produce at SEE is a result of the hard work and commitment of our team members on behalf of our customers.